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Norweco Provider in Youngstown, Ohio

About Norweco

Norwalk Wastewater Equipment Company, also known as Norweco, manufactures cutting edge water and wastewater products. They constantly work to find more efficient, cost-effective ways to provide high-quality water treatment.

An Environmentally Sound Option

Norweco understands the actions we take today determine our environment tomorrow. That’s why they work hard to help protect the quality of our environment in all of their practices. Call us today to learn how Norweco can help you better care for the world around us.

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As a licensed distributor and dealer of Norweco, we are able to provide you with the best water care and treatment systems, including the Singulair Wastewater Treatment System, the Bio-Kinetic Filtration System and much more.

Singulair Wastewater Treatment System

The Singulair system is a leading alternative to septic tanks for residential wastewater treatment. With features including flow equalization, aeration, pr-treatment and more, this system is a cost-effective option for those using up to 1,500 gallons per day.

Bio-Kinetic Filtration System

The Bio-Kinetic system can be added to new and existing septic tanks, aerobic systems, leach fields, sand filters and more. The Bio-Kinetic protects treatment plants from hydraulic surges without the use of electricity or moving parts.

Modulair Wastewater Treatment System

The Modulair system can be modified to fit any treatment need, up to 500,000 gallons per day. This system utilizes the aeration process to quickly oxidize organic materials. This is one of the most reliable, maintenance-free methods of wastewater treatment available.

Other Products 
For a complete list of Norweco products currently in stock, contact Tom’s Sewer and Septic Service​ today.