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Tips for Portable Toilets at Sporting Events

Portable toilets
If you host outdoor sporting events, you know the struggle of trying to keep facilities clean. Portable toilets certainly have a reputation for being smelly and dirty, but this simply doesn’t have to be the case. At your next sporting event, you can fight back against the stereotypes about portable toilets.

Sporting events can be tricky because they attract such a wide breadth of people, from families to groups enjoying adult beverages. But you can find options for clean, sanitary toilets. Read on to learn more.

Consider Deodorizers

Portable toilets are small, so you can benefit from having toilets that are designed to smell better. Deodorizers can keep portable toilets clean and fresh without much physical maintenance.  Plus, many companies specialize in deodorizing toilets without harsh chemicals that become too strong in tight quarters.

If you do opt for a deodorizer for your toilet, consider those that have disinfecting properties. These are the most sanitary option for your portable toilet, and they work double duty by cleaning away bacteria while also creating a fresh scent for the bathrooms.

Rent Flushing Toilets

While many people associate portable toilets with stagnant liquid, many portable toilets can actually flush. This eliminates bad smells and improves the appearance of the portable toilet. Sporting events may be the perfect opportunity to rent flushable toilets.

Some people prefer to mix toilet options. For example, your sporting event might have a VIP section that is closed off. You can rent a trailer with flushing toilets for these smaller, VIP groups to ensure they have luxurious toilet options.

Have Enough Toilets

One of the biggest mistakes sporting events coordinators make is not knowing how many toilets to order for a sporting event. You need to pay close attention to the number of spectators when you host a sporting match, but if you are hosting a race, you need to take into account the number of racers in addition to the number of spectators.

People become frustrated when they spend a lot of time in line. Rent enough portable toilets to ensure your event-goers are not intimidated or angry at the situation.

Pay Attention to Hand Hygiene

You would be surprised to know how many sporting events fail to offer adequate handwashing facilities. If you want to keep the event as germ-free as possible, you simply must rent handwashing centers in addition to toilets. Water, soap, and paper towels encourage sports fans to wash their hands before ordering food or touching hand rails at the stadium.

If your sporting event has food, you definitely want employees washing their hands after using the restroom, too. Handwashing facilities that include internal hand sanitizing liquids are great for individuals who will be serving food at the event.

In fact, hand sanitizing stations may be the best bet if your sporting event is going to attract hundreds or thousands of participants. This is because handwashing stations that involve water can run out of fluid relatively quickly. You will require more maintenance when you have water and soap stations.

Work With a Reputable Company

A reputable portable toilet company is crucial for maintaining clean standards for your event. Reputable companies understand the needs of event coordinators planning sporting events, which present their own unique needs.

Whether you have sports fans tailgating at your event or you are hosting a child's sports tournament, clean bathrooms are a priority. Understanding cleanliness will give your guests a better experience all around.

Tom's Sewer and Septic Service understands your needs as an event coordinator. We work hard to satisfy the needs of our clients, no matter what kind of events they host. Call us today to discuss portable toilets for your next event.