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Tips for Placing Marathon Bathrooms

A Marathon
Whether you love to run marathons or if you are setting up your first race altogether, you know how important portable toilets are. Portable toilets can be brought in for events of all types, whether you have thousands of runners or just a few. Don't overlook the necessity of portable toilets for your next race.

Are you unsure how to plan for the toilet situation for your next race? Read on to learn more about where to place the bathrooms along your marathon.

1. Opt for More Toilets

Marathon runners would always prefer that you have more toilets. Plus, you must consider the staff members and individuals spectating at the event. Everybody needs to have access to portable toilets throughout the race.

Keep in mind that races can last hours. The median finishing time to run a marathon for men is about four hours and 22 minutes, and the median time for women is about four hours and 48 minutes. This means that you need to consider the racers who may take longer than this, especially if you have festivities going on throughout the day.

In fact, a common complaint about the New York City Marathon is that there aren't enough portable toilets. Keep in mind that the New York City Marathon has more than 1,500 portable toilets at the starting corrals alone. Plan accordingly for the group you have attending, especially keeping in mind that many runners will be nervous before the start of the race.

2. Plan for Lines

No matter how many portable toilets you have, you can plan on there being some sort of line. The better you plan for lines, the less confusion you will create. People will have less of a problem waiting for a bathroom if you ensure the line is evident. People want to know how long they should expect to wait.

Also important is that you consider the amount of space the toilets and queue will take up. You do not want the stalls or lines blocking any part of the route, reducing the speed of the runners.

3. Mark the Toilets Properly

Keep runners in the know regarding where bathrooms are. Provide signs detailing the distance until the next bathroom to help runners determine where they will be able to relieve themselves. This reduces stress and allows your runners to feel better about the event.

You might also consider setting up separate urinals for a speedier process. This will help keep lines moving, especially for those who need a quicker stop. Many companies offering portable toilets will have several options you can choose from. With proper signage, you can make this process work for the runners.

4. Pay Attention to Portable Toilet Placement

Portable toilet rentals are great, but they do not help your runners if they are not accessible. Keep the portable toilets on firm ground that is not going to become muddy thanks to rain or people washing their hands. Runners do not want to step in mud that they will track along the route.

Additionally, pay attention to the lighting scheme if your race is very early or late in the day. Portable toilets should appear safe no matter the time of day or night.

5. Reach Out to a Reputable Company

You can answer many of your remaining questions about portable toilets at races by reaching out to a company that specializes in these toilets. In fact, Tom's can help you plan for your next race, whether it is a 5K or a marathon. Call us today to learn more about portable toilets in your area.