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Portable Toilets Don't Have to Be Stinky and Gross

Portable Toilets
What's the first word that comes to mind when you think about portable toilets? Smelly? Gross? You're not alone if you have this impression. There are some gross portable toilets out there, but it's a mischaracterization to assume they are all that way. When chosen and maintained properly, portable toilets and restrooms can be clean, comfortable facilities.
Here are some tips to ensure the portable toilets you rent for your next event exceed expectations.
Rent From a Reputable Company
The best portable toilet rental companies regularly replace their toilets, clean them very carefully between customers, and go above and beyond to ensure their customers — and the customers' guests — are satisfied. Check reviews before you rent from a portable toilet company, and steer clear of companies reputed to have dirty toilets or have poor service.
Have the Toilets Serviced Throughout Your Event
If you leave the same toilets on site without service throughout a week-long event, they will certainly be gross by the time the event ends. Reputable toilet rental companies are happy to come clean and service their toilets throughout the week.
How often you need service depends on the nature of the event. For example, if you have festival-goers present 24 hours a day for a whole week, you may need to have the toilets cleaned daily. On the other hand, if you only have people on-site for three hours a day, you may be able to get away with having them serviced every few days.
Your toilet rental company can recommend a service schedule based on the characteristics of your event.
Rent Enough Toilets
One of the most common causes of dirty toilets is underestimation of how many toilets you need. If you have 300 people using one toilet, that toilet will get dirty quickly. Here are some basic guidelines to help you determine how many toilets you should rent.
  • For events up to four hours, rent at least one toilet per 100 guests.
  • For events longer than four hours, rent at least two toilets per 100 guests.
  • If alcohol is being served, double the number of toilets you would typically rent.
Every event is different. Describe your event to the toilet rental company representative, and they can recommend the proper number of toilets for you. Do not attempt to save money by renting fewer than their recommendation; you'll just end up with dirty toilets and long lines.
Rent Hand Washing Stations, Too
Toilets stay a lot cleaner if your guests are able to wash their hands. Many toilet rental companies also offer hand washing stations, so rent a few of these, too. Rent about one hand washing station for every four toilets. Make sure the hand washing station is clearly visible from the toilets so guests do not skip using it.
Have Staff Monitor the Toilets
On the day of your event, assign a staff member to monitor the toilet area. They can restock toilet paper as it runs out and close any portable toilets that may have become dirty and unusable.
Consider Restroom Toilets for More Upscale Events
No matter how clean you keep portable toilets, they are still seen as a bit informal, so you may not want them at an event like a wedding or upscale dinner show. For events like these, you are better off renting portable restroom trailers. With running water and spacious stalls, they are easier to keep clean and create a better impression with guests.
Are you looking for a reputable toilet rental company in the Youngstown, OH area? Contact Tom's Industrial Cleaning Service for a free estimate and additional information.