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How To Stay Safe With Portable Toilets

Portable Toilet
When you host major events, you want to provide a clean, safe place for your guests or employees to use the bathroom. When you use a portable toilet service, you must make sure that you have the best facilities to keep everybody using them safe from injury and illness.

Choosing a trustworthy company is the best way to keep your toilets safe, but you can also make some additional choices to ensure everybody has a great time at your event. This guide shows you how to keep your guests in good health and spirits at your next event.

Allow for Proper Hand Sanitation

Hand sanitation is a major concern for individuals using portable toilets. Many venues fail to offer proper hand sanitizing options. Renting portable sinks and offering soap can prevent disease and infection, especially if staff members are using these portable stations before serving food and drinks.

Even Hepatitis A comes from eating food prepared by an individual who did not wash their hands. To be extra cautious, use a piece of toilet paper or a paper towel to touch door handles and faucets.

Encouraging your guests, patrons, and staff members to wash their hands can cut down on instances of diarrhea, respiratory illness, Salmonella, and other serious health conditions. Offer a sink, soap, and antibacterial products to encourage health.

Consider Safe Locations

Not every location is ideal for a portable toilet. For instance, you should avoid placing the toilets immediately next to walkways and driveways. Otherwise, guests may open the doors into traffic or people walking by, injuring them.

If your event or project is near a major traffic site, keep your portable toilets away from the street. Construction workers, for instance, can be injured if a car was to careen into the portable unit.

Deter Vandals and Criminal Activity

In some cases, you might be keeping your portable toilets overnight, even for weeks at a time. If this is the case, keep the toilets in a well-lit area to deter criminal activity and vandalism. Without lights, criminals may think that they have a better chance of getting away with a crime, so lights may deter them from entering your property after hours or without permission.

Consider Special Needs of Guests

If you have guests at your event who have special needs, you should opt for wheelchair-accessible portable toilets. Seniors and children may also benefit from ramps with handrails. Failing to offer accessible units could be against the law if your event is open to the public.

Some guests may rely on having handrails and extra space to allow them to sit down safely. You can also ensure your guest's safety by renting portable toilets that offer good lighting.

Supervise Children

Small children should never go into a portable restroom alone for many different reasons. One reason is that the type of chemical used in some portable restrooms contains biocides and dyes, which can be harmful if ingested.

Additionally, children should be monitored to make sure that they wash their hands. Children are at high risk to contract conditions like influenza if they do not wash their hands.

Rent from a Safe and Clean Company

Many portable bathrooms are available, but you have the opportunity to try out different options to see what meets your needs. Whether you need to keep guests happy or provide for staff members, make sure you choose bathrooms that are clean, affordable, and well-maintained.

Are you thinking about renting portable toilets for an event or project? Now is the perfect time to inquire about your options. Call Tom's Industrial Cleaning Service today to learn more about portable options that are safe, clean, and reliable.