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5 Tips for Efficient Portable Toilet Use at Your Next Event

Portable Toilets

When attending an outdoor event like a concert or a festival, the last thing guests want to do is spend all night waiting in line to use the toilet. While lines may form occasionally, there's a big difference between waiting 5 minutes and waiting for a half hour. Short porta potty lines make for happy guests, and happy guests make for great reviews. Keep porta potty use swift and efficient at your next event by following these tips.

1. Rent Enough Porta Potties

The most common cause of long porta potty lines is a miscalculation on the part of event coordinators. If you're expecting 2,000 guests, two porta potties just won't cut it. 

As a starting point, plan on renting at least eight toilers per 1,000 people per four hours of event time. Increase your number by 20 percent if you're serving alcohol.

Calculating how many porta potties you need can get complicated, as it depends on the number of guests you expect, whether or not alcohol is being served, the length of the event, and numerous other factors. Your best bet is to call your toilet rental company, give them all of the details of your event, and then rent as many portable toilets as they recommend. 

2. Provide Separate Hand Washing Stations

Without hand washing stations, guest may spend a lot of extra time in the porta potty trying to avoid touching anything and figuring out how to sanitize their hands. If you rent separate hand washing stations, guests can get in and out of the toilets themselves more quickly, which keeps the line moving.

Lines at the hand washing won't be as long, as some guests, even when provided with a hand washing station, will use hand sanitizer instead and skip the line.

3. Arrange the Porta Potties in a U-Shape

If you're hosting a very large event with a lot of porta potties, arrange them in a U-shape rather than in a straight line. Several large marathons arrange their porta potties this way, and it has created a bit of a buzz in the running community. The U-shaped arrangement makes it easier for guests to see which porta potties are empty and move towards any empty one swiftly.

4. Provide Several Toilet Areas

Even if you have enough toilets, the more people gather in the toilet area, the slower the lines will flow - just because people will have to nudge around each other and figure out who is in what line. Sp for large events with a lot of people and a lot of toilets, divide the porta potties between at least two different areas. This not only cuts down on congestion in the toilet area, but it also prevents guests from having to walk as far.

5. Create Signs Pointing to the Toilets

Many events suffer from a lack of toilet signage. If guests have to hunt for the toilet area, they will be more frantic when they finally get there. And frantic guests are more likely to be rude and disorderly.

Include your toilet areas on any maps of your event, such as those you post on your website or hand out at the gate. Also, place signs throughout the event grounds with arrows directing guests toward the toilets. A large sign placed outside the toilet area won't hurt, either.

If you follow the tips above, your guests will have a more enjoyable, efficient restroom experience at your large outdoor event. For more tips or to schedule your toilet rental in the Youngstown, Ohio area, contact Tom's today.