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4 Reasons to Choose Restroom Trailers Over Portable Toilets

Trailer with toilets
As an event planner for outdoor events, you know the importance of comfortable and safe portable toilets. In the past, you likely have used stand-alone portable toilets and offer the basic toilet services, which work well for smaller events or for public events like carnivals and community gatherings.
However, if you are expanding your event planning to weddings and anniversaries, you may want another option. Restroom trailers offer greater comfort and function for more formal events. Here are four reasons to consider this option.
1. Flushing Toilets
To some people, the act of flushing the toilet gives the idea of a clean environment. After flushing, the person may feel that the waste has been taken away and that the stall is clean for the next person. The flushing option is also not something that many people expect when they hear about outdoor portable toilets.
A restroom trailer does have flushing toilets in all of the stalls. The toilets operate in the same manner as a traditional toilet in a public restroom or in your home. The familiar act of flushing provides a comfortable environment that makes individuals and families feel better about the experience.
2. Additional Amenities
As an event planner, you want the event to have the amenities that your client would be able to offer indoors. Some of these amenities include seating, shade, and food, but you might overlook the restroom facilities. You can offer several amenities by going with a restroom trailer for the event.
Restroom trailers can have fully functioned sinks. The trailers also offer upscale countertops, hand-washing stations, private stalls, and corporate-style tile or vinyl flooring. These amenities can make the outdoor event more enjoyable and offer an upscale area that reminds people of the time you took in the planning of the event. It feels more personal, and guests will feel as if you consider their comfort seriously.
These amenities are great for formal events, but they might be more trouble at large community gatherings, in which case, portable toilets might be a better choice.
3. Ventilation Choices
Good ventilation is a necessity for guests at an outdoor wedding. Most bathrooms, even portable toilets, have ventilation of some kind, whether it be through a small exhaust fan, hooded fan, or a window of some sort. When you have multiple people at an outdoor event on a hot day, then the need for ventilation of your bathroom accommodations increases.
Restroom trailers have fully functional ventilation units. Exhaust fans remove the odors from the trailer throughout the event. Some restroom trailers also have fans that provide circulating cool air or heat depending on the time of year and the seasonal weather during the event.
4. Attendant Options
In the act of planning an event — especially if it is an involved event like a wedding — planners might neglect small additional touches like having an attendant for the bathroom area. For your event, an attendant can wait upon the restroom trailer to help with maintaining the restroom trailer.
The attendant on duty can also help with any issues that the guests have, including help up the ramp for those with walkers. They can also help with wheelchair access and guests with disabilities. This can make a huge difference to the safety of those with disabilities at the event as they try to move in and out of the trailer.
If you believe a restroom trailer would work out best for your next outdoor event, contact Tom's Sewer & Septic Service. We can assist you with different options, questions, pricing, and delivery. We can also assist you with other portable toilet needs for various events you will plan throughout the year.