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3 Fall Events That Benefit From a Portable Restroom Rental

three portable toilets
Many people might think of multiple reasons to rent a portable restroom during the summer, such as when planning a summer block party, an outdoor wedding, or a music festival. Portable restroom rentals are handy all year long, though. These are some of the times when a portable restroom rental might be helpful this fall.
1. Hosting a Bonfire
Now that the temperatures are starting to cool down, you might enjoy being outside more than you did during the summer. In fact, fall is the perfect time to host a bonfire. You don't have to worry about hot temperatures or summer bugs, and the fire can help add warmth and light up the night on fall evenings when it gets dark earlier.
If you're planning on hosting a bonfire, you might be hoping to keep the festivities outdoors rather than in the house. In fact, you might even be hosting the bonfire somewhere in the country, far away from your home. This means that you will probably want to provide restroom facilities for all of the guests.
Luckily, portable restroom rentals are perfect for this. Some of them even include lighting, so you and your bonfire guests will easily be able to see even if you tuck the portable restroom a little ways away from the bonfire and festivities.
2. Setting Up a Haunted House or Corn Maze
If you're someone who has fun spooking others on Halloween, you could be hoping to set up a haunted house. You might want to set one up on your own property, or you could be planning one to raise money for an organization in your area.
Even though you have probably had a ton of fun planning all of the props and decorations for the haunted house, you have to make sure to provide basic facilities for everyone too. After all, the people who visit the haunted house might need to use the facilities after they see all of the scares that you have in store.
A portable restroom rental isn't just good for haunted houses. A portable restroom also great for other similar events, such as corn mazes.
3. Having Family Over for Thanksgiving
You might have never thought about renting a portable restroom when inviting family over for Thanksgiving. After all, your guests probably use the bathrooms in your home while they're there to enjoy the turkey and all of the trimmings.
If you are only having a few guests over for the holiday, renting a portable restroom might not be necessary. However, a portable restroom rental can be handy for bigger events with more guests.
For one thing, with a portable restroom rental, you don't have to worry about opening up all of the bathrooms in your home. For example, you might not want to let everyone use your master bathroom, but you might have felt obligated to in the past to ensure that there were enough facilities for everyone. With a portable restroom rental, you don't have to worry about this and can maintain some privacy.
If you have a smaller home, you might not even have enough restrooms in your home for all of your guests to use. If you are inviting a lot of people but only have one bathroom, for example, people may have to wait to use the restroom.
Lastly, you can put less pressure on your septic tank or sewage system by renting a portable restroom on Thanksgiving. You might already be putting your septic or sewage system through a lot of work during that week when you're cleaning up your home and preparing food. When you add more guests washing their hands and using your bathrooms, the extra usage will add to the pressure.
Renting a portable restroom can help make planning fall festivities even easier. Contact us at Tom's Industrial Cleaning Service to find out more about renting portable toilets and portable restrooms for your fall events.