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3 Advantages of Renting Portable Toilets for Your Next Big Event

When planning a big outdoor party or another event, it is easy to focus on things that bring excitement to the gathering. However, it is just as critical to keep the less-glamorous details in mind beforehand - otherwise, even the best event can quickly fall apart.
One of those details is the provision of bathroom facilities for your guests. Rather than leave it up to chance, it's important to plan where and how guests can take care of personal needs. Unfortunately, many hosts assume their own bathrooms will suffice and don't think about the ramifications of inviting dozens, perhaps hundreds, of guests into their homes.
For that reason, it's worthwhile to consider renting toilets for any type of big outdoor event being held at your home or property. Below are three advantages of having rental toilets provided for your guests.
1. Preserve Your Guests' Privacy and Comfort
If you allow guests to use your bathrooms, their accessibility may be limited by the distance from the event to the bathroom and by the number of bathrooms available. In addition, it can be awkward for guests who enter a home for the purpose of finding a bathroom. For example, some guests may be embarrassed to ask a host for directions and would rather suffer in silent discomfort as a result.
That is why rented portable toilets are a great alternative for maintaining guest privacy and comfort. You can rent as many toilets as you wish and locate them close to the event site, which will greatly increase guest accessibility. In addition, portable toilets are less personal than the bathrooms in your home, and they can put shy or nervous guests at ease.
2. Prevent Damage to Your Home
Another possible drawback to permitting guests to use the bathrooms inside your home is an increased likelihood of damage. Inviting guests to enter your home can literally open the door to breakage, incidents and other costly harm.
For example, flooring can become soiled or ripped as guests walk across it, and the bathroom fixtures could be broken due to abuse or overuse. Perhaps even worse, toilets can become clogged and overflow, which can cause expensive water damage to your home.
These are reasons why renting portable toilets can be a big positive for you. With rental toilets, the possibility of your home suffering damage is reduced or eliminated, and if anything is broken by a guest, you are not responsible for repair or replacement. Renting portable toilets allows you to focus on entertaining guests rather than monitoring your home's interior.
3. Reduce the Amount of Preparation and Cleaning
As mentioned earlier, preparing for a big outdoor event requires a lot of planning and work ahead of time. If you choose to allow guests to use your home's bathrooms, then you will need to add that particular item to your lengthy checklist.
For example, opening your bathrooms to guests will require that you complete several tasks beforehand. Things you will need to do include placing extra towels, stocking up on toilet tissue, making sure there is plenty of soap available and performing an extra measure of cleaning.
All of these tasks can be avoided if you choose to rent portable toilets, as the provider will prepare the toilets by sanitizing them and equipping them with necessary supplies. That eliminates extra expenses and saves you valuable time.
After any big event, cleanup is a dreaded and necessary chore. If your home's restrooms are used by guests, then that will add another cleaning task to your list. However, renting portable toilets will remove the need for you to clean up after the event is done. All of the mess will be hauled away by the rental company, leaving you with nothing to worry about.
If you are interested in learning more about renting portable toilets, be sure to contact Tom's Industrial Cleaning Service. Our friendly staff will provide expert advice and get you ready for your big event.